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I’m a #PotterHead for life! I’ve never wanted to be apart of anything. I don’t do fads. I remember the first time I read a Harry Potter book. My big cousin came over super excited about this book he was reading. I remember feeling like yea right, whatever homie… After the first book I was signed on for life. Harry Potter was like a movement. It wasn’t just a few books or a few movies… It was something that connected people of all ages, all lifestyles, not just the dorks, and we all had something in common. Harry Potter defines my childhood! I remember feeling like omg! Harry Potter is coming to an end and I was EMOTIONAL! I’m so glad to have this weird “family” of people that have kept this alive and will continue to live on. When my son is old enough, i will read him the books and make sure he sees the movies. He may not ever be a fan like I am, but he will know about #TheBoyWhoLived. There are two things that are branded with me possibly forever, Harry Potter and #TheSims. #ISolemnlySwearThatIAmUpToNoGood #HogwartsAlumni #HarryPotter #HarryPotterForLife #HarryPotterAlliance #HarryPotter7 #PotterForLife #7YearsLater #7212007 #Hogwarts #WeAreBookEight

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